Waffles is a bunny you’ll never forget.

When I was commissioned to shoot this one, the humans were a bit unsure if I - whose website has so many dogs and cats displayed - would cope with such a small guy.

I said are you kidding??

I’ve been waiting for 3 years for a bunny to photograph (after having done several guinea pigs of which 2 were my own (RIP)). twoguineapigs loves adding a bunny to the portfolio.

We set a date mid August Winter to take advantage of the crisp beautiful light (then we had to reschedule it to late August due to the rain - ahh well - it was Winter right).

When we finally got together for the shoot, the air was crisp with Winter fragrance and the sun gave the most amazing light.

As you probably can tell from Waffle’s story (Pt 1), he shares pet status with Polly & Roland (canaries, Roland claims the nest full time). And he gets to chill inside the apartment mostly with his people.

Turning 3 this October, it’s a big thing for a bunny to get his portrait taken. I think he approves.
(no carrots or celeries were harmed in the making of Waffles' story.)