An afternoon adventure with a Dingo crossed, an Australian Cattle Dog and a Kelpie.

I got to hang with this lot recently thanks to Anthony & Trevor’s friends at work who organised a twoguineapigs gift card for their wedding present.

Emma, 11 years, 10 months and 5 days when I first met her was Anthony & Trevor’s first rescue. She has a beautiful golden coat that glows in the sun and has the sweetest face. They suspect she’s part Stumpy (coz’ of her tail) and part Dingo (coz’ she doesn’t bark, but howls) and part something else (coz’ of her size). She sheds a lot, and I mean - A LOT. Anthony showed me what Emma is capable of ‘producing’ after a ‘casual quick brush’.

Emma used to be really active but these days she prefers quiet times by herself - she has a special spot mid-way up the stairway and hangs out there so much you can see her ‘bum marks’ on the wall - I think that’s cute. She used to sleep in bed at night with the rest but these days she prefers her own space. No matter how much she moves about, you’ll soon find Scooby or Bonnie or her Dads joining her - she’s so loved that everyone just wants to hang. She’s the wanderer (so her Dads call her) - she usually disappears when you hit the park.

Bonnie, possibly 8 years when I first met her, is a rescued Australian Cattle Dog. This one can be a little troublemaker. She often teases Emma. Tries to beat Scooby for a first cuddle with visitors. Gets nervous in public places especially around other dogs. She has the sweetest smile. Often not shy to ask for a belly rub or head butt or to lean against you.

Scooby, 3 years, 10 months and 22 days, is still very much a puppy. He was rescued by the Dads 1 day before he was scheduled to be put down. A perfect pooch - beautiful silky black coat and a gorgeous Kelpie -he’s very cheeky and packed with enough energy to complete 10 Triathlons. As soon as you come in contact with this one, he just lies on his back and milks it as long as he can. He is also the guard dog - he often races to the front door to investigate. He usually follows Emma about the Park (or spends his time looking for her), and if not, he seeks out other dogs for a hide-&-seek run game. He’s the leader of the Pack - or at least the girls let him think so :P

Both Bonnie & Scooby access the backyard using a rather gigantic ‘cat door’, either to sunbathe or to check out the next door neighbour’s kid calling them.

There are 1 or more bean bags and a dog bed in every room of the house. The pooches also spend some of their weekends up at their holiday home in the Central Coast where they hang out with their Dads Trevor & Anthony at the beach.

Getting a family portrait in bed was tricky; there was a lot of adjusting needed so everyone could fit on the bed comfortably - so much that I think they probably needed a double King size bed! Needless to say there were lots of cuddles.

Thankfully, my home cooked organic chicken received praise. Makes me happy when the pooches like my cooking (a vegetarian cooking chicken!)

If the pooches could make a band, we’d have a pretty good album cover for their first single.

They have a good life hanging at home. They adore their Dads a lot. Very well loved.