I started with Skip - this session is mainly for and about him. The second oldest of the gang, a Pomeraniancross, is also one very sweet soul. Less crazy (in a way I’ll tell you more about) - he’s the calm and sensitive one toward everything and everyone. He was a ‘present’ for one of the kids’ as a reward for HSE result. What a great reward!

Due to his age (14 years, can you guess??), Skip aka "BooBoo" is nearly deaf and partially blind but he still has the spunk of a puppy and would not miss the opportunity to explore and sniff the woods. Oh and he loves his toys - which he has an abundance of - a big basket full actually.

But in order to tell Skip’s story, you’ll have to meet the rest of the gang.

There’s Harry aka "Zimmy", the youngest (7 years), also a Pomeranian cross (I heard probably some Chinese Crested too), has a thing about flies. He thinks flies are all out to get him and he will roll in the ground just to ‘get rid of them’. And he doesn’t take to Skip’s squeaky toys at all. The crazy one of the lot, and also very entertaining, is gung ho about mostly anything in life except flies and squeaky toys.

Max, the 3rd in line (16 years, can you even guess??), is a typical Siamese - very calm, patient with the boys and I’m impressed how well he takes to Harry’s craziness, and puts up with Skip sitting on him, literally. I was waiting for a kitty swat but none of that at all. When Max has an opinion about something, he sure can meow till the cows come home.

Lastly, Miffy, a silver tabby and the oldest of the lot (17 years!!)  Blind as a bat due to her age, a sweet natured girl, she doesn’t take part in any of the boys’ craziness. But when it comes to home cooked organic chicken, she will do anything to outsmart her siblings (and giving a kitty swat or two) to claim her share.

How did I get so lucky to meet and hang out with this lot?

Thanks to J & K for commissioning a twoguineapigs pet session as a birthday present for their Mum, L. Special credit goes to their insight in ordering prints and fine art album, which beautifully preserves these moments in a format that I think is actually more stable than digital - as well as more aesthetic.