Meet Stella - 3.5 months old - teething when I first met her. Just imagine me heading out in my freshly laundered pants & tidy shoelaces, then leaving with all that pretty much chewed up. But it was so worth it.

Beancaa always wanted a dog. However she also loves cats, especially cat faces. Gary on the other hand, grew up with German Shepherds. Enter Stella the French Bulldog puppy - whose face Beancaa thought kinda looks like a cat’s!

Stella is the only child in the family right now. So Beancaa wanted to get her puppyhood documented. French Bulldogs start out really small and cute, but over 5 months or so, they double their size (but still very cute).

Stella has toys (the Green crocodile being her favourite), and home cooked meals for breakfast & dinner prepared by 'Dad'. Dad has chefing skills. Nice!

A smart little one, Stella soon figured out what I was there for and made me work very hard to earn a living - catching my shoe laces, not looking at me directly (but stealing glances), following me where I went - but I’m not complaining - I had fun hanging out with this bunch the entire late afternoon till dusk. I think they had fun too!

I can’t wait to see Stella’s fine art album & wall art - and meet them all again when I deliver Stella’s artwork. Hopefully Stella remembers me!

ps: sorry about Vimeo not handling the ‘Kenburn’ effects very well. But I think you get the idea, yearh?
pps: can you spot the french flag dog tag?

Music "Hungaria" by Latché Swing ( via Creative Commons. All images ©