Music "Le petite jardin" by Lee Maddeford.

When Ash’s sister who’s currently living in London contacted me to organise a session for her younger sister and her German Shepherd down in the Southern Highlands, I instantly knew this would be a very special shoot.

Rex, the youngest of the lot AND the biggest, had the gentlest nature and a sensitive soul (yes, he’s named after Inspector Rex). Four years old when I met him, Rex lives with his older siblings, rescued: Amber the Labrador at 15, Maggie a Border Collie at 14 and Sam the cat who, well, he ignored the memo and didn’t turn up for the shoot. 

Rex often crashes on Ash’s bed for the night (he uses a pillow like us hoomins) - and when he wants an early breakfast (and I mean, early like at the crack of dawn), he wakes Ash’s Mum up for food, and lets Ash sleep in! 

He has learned to open doors and goes to work wearing a uniform with Ash when they help train and socialise rescues. Rex socialises with the dogs Ash fosters from the shelter.

I was told, due to his size, people avoid Rex on the streets - poor Rex stands and watches them move away from him when all he wants is to say hello. As he did when I turned up for his shoot - he sat patiently and quietly waiting for me to give him a pat. 

I had an amazing time hanging with this pair, sharing a beautiful afternoon at home and down by the river - where Rex showed me his favourite hang outs.