project waffles

Test Shoot

Wall by the dining table seems to get better light in the morning than the one where the chair is.

Location Scout - End of Shirley Rd & Badangi Reserve

Local pooches may hang out at the beach right next to it.

Shots where the focus is on a rock or leaves (low vantage point) will give a sense of what it'll be like when Waffles is 'inserted' into the environment - if we can find him a right 'perch' + light I'm after - he's only tiny :)

Location Scout - Berry Island Reserve

Path loops around. Good balance of light and dark shots. Quiet. Only joggers spotted. Maybe too 'wild'?

Location Scout - Gore Cove Reserve

Entrance via Shirley Rd near Badangi Reserve. Relatively quiet. Joggers about. Ferns - not sure if I'm keen - unless we go for a Jurassic Park theme? 

Location Scout - Balls Head Reserve

West side - path down towards the water before the tunnel is most picturique. Dogs about on leashes. Not so much variety of shaded area and open space.