Birthday present from good friend.

Robin first met Iris when she was taking Poppy (at that time a pup) for her check-up at the vet. Iris was 10 months old, her litter adopted out and now left behind. Poppy went up to Iris’ enclosure, they bonded instantly - had a play - Iris stuck her paw out. It was a sign.

Poppy, a Jack Rusell, is 11 years, 6 months and 18 days when I first met her. Iris, a Tortoise Shell tabby, is 11 years, 3 months and 30 days when I first met her.

Both girls are named after flowers, and both are just as precious.

Poppy doesn’t tolerate cats but doesn’t see Iris as one (luckily!). They both have a big backyard and plenty of house space to roam in - they can pretty much be their own person on a daily basis. They add their own sense of style and ornament to the interiors. In the grounds, the Gardeners find themselves recruited in an endless game of “find the toy” as Poppy hides her loot all over the yard.

Poppy is undergoing treatment for cancer (bladder) - and receiving chemotherapy. But that hasn’t deter her spirit - she’s sweet natured, demure, sensitive, and very smart. My home cooked organic chicken was a hit and she figured out right after the first piece she would sit properly throughout the session.

Iris, a sociable and sweet natured kitty, loves coming up to strangers for pets and treats. It’s a constant battle for attention with her pooch sibling at times. My heart skips a beat when she rubs her head against me (yes I am a sucker for such things!)

Great fun meeting this crew - it was an honour and a privilege to get to know them all.