Good news! I’ve completed editing your portrait session. (Yay!)

Now the fun part begins - treat yourself to prints, wall art and/or fine art albums.

If you love shopping online - this is it!

Your session includes a private online gallery so you can view the images we created at your shoot and place your order in the comfort of your home. The gallery is pretty much intuitive. However, there are some neat features that I’ve included here which I hope will help with your shopping experience.

Please note the gallery is only available for a limited time period.

All orders must be finalised & paid for before any printing or custom framing work can commence. Fine art album design will start once you have selected your final images, ordered & paid your album.

Give me a shout if you need any help. I can also recommend images that would suit prints, wall art and/or a fine art album. We can organise either a skype, call or home session.

Here are a few tips on making your ordering gallery work for you.

ps: make sure you’re logged in!

Favourite a whole lot of images

Favourites allow you to filter a selection of pictures for later reference. We can use favourites to discuss selections, for planning wall art, or designing a Fine Art Album.

To favourite, hover your mouse to the top of the image and select “♡”.

Hover your mouse to top left of the image and select "♡".

Hover your mouse to top left of the image and select "♡".

Short-cut: hover your mouse to top right of the image and click "heart icon.

Short-cut: hover your mouse to top right of the image and click "heart icon.

NB: you can come back and amend your favourites at any time. Please note that if you have shared your favourites with me (below), you'll need to let me know when you have finalised your selections and ready for printing or order review.

[optional] Share your favourites with me

You can share these bookmarks / your favourites with me and I can create a separate collection for you - this makes it easier for you to see your picks as a single collection.

Share an image

If you only want to share an image (instead of a whole lot of favourites), you can click on the share symbol on top of the image (that looks like “<“)



If you would like to order prints, wall art &/or fine art albums, the shopping cart has been activated and it’s just a matter of choosing the images and the presentation format, eg prints or framed artwork. 

To order,

  • select the image from your gallery [hint: you can select multiple images at once]

  • click the orange button "Buy" on top right, then "select product"

Screenshot 2015-03-06 14.38.17.png

Don’t forget to use the code I sent you for your discount on prints etc at checkout when you order within the time period.

Also don’t forget all wall art ordered will include XS print of the image ordered. Perfect as a gift for loved ones or to display on your desk.

Price list

You’ll find pricing options with the shopping cart. But if you want a quick overview of the materials and sizes I recommend, check my price list. A copy would have been emailed to you at the time of your booking.

As mentioned on my FAQ, I do invest a lot in sourcing and testing products and evaluating the professional printing labs, album printers and professional framers I partner with. This is because I believe in the best quality products for presenting your images and ensuring they last a very long time.