Meet Loki - part Beagle, part Kings Charles. Named after the fabled Norse god of mischief - his Beagle’s DNA means he craves food and his Kings Charles side, well maybe that mixes with the mischief of the Norse god, ensuring his food cravings are fulfilled - I was told (and even witnessed) him trying to steal food off the kitchen bench, any food!

Though only 1 year, 8 months and 19 days old when I first met Loki, this little fellow was weighing in at nearly 20 kg. See, Loki requires special care in the sense that he has to be fed food bit by bit, otherwise he gets severe tummy cramps - a condition that can’t be fixed. Thanks to the dedication of his ‘parents’, N & S, Loki is well fed - ie most of the day is spent, well, hand feeding Loki (games thrown in!) :P

He gets to sleep in 4 beds (including the parents) - his favourite being the water bed next to the couch. But he hangs anywhere his people are. During the day, Loki’s 2 sets of ‘grandparents’ take turns visiting and taking him out for walks.

On Saturdays, he often hangs with Dad when Dad coaches kids at rugby. He drags the ‘parents’ to his favourite local cafes for breakfast - where he’s always served his specially prepared bacon. This pooch is entitled to a loyalty card, don’t you think?

Despite having the fabled Norse god’s name, Loki is one sweet and curious pooch. It took him a while to warm up to me but as soon as he learned I brought home-cooked organic chicken, we quickly became best friends - he will do anything, ok nearly anything, for chicken.

Loki loves to chase birds (not particular about which sort), likes to be the first to get in the car before everyone else, and usually takes Mum’s seat at the front (after which he is moved to the back).

Loki recognises places and streets - and when he drives past one of his favourite hangouts, eg the grandparents’, the local cafe, it’s hard for him to contain his excitement - and he is pretty vocal about it (I think I could guess he was saying: stop here, here here). If the car drives on, he goes all quiet, giving you a disappointed look.

If Loki was a human, I’m sure he would have plenty of stuff to say - and I’m sure you could have him over for afternoon tea and a conversation about life (ok maybe just about bacon & birds).


Music "Ruminants (Instrumental)" by Lisa Germano. All images ©