Test Shoot


Fabio mentioned the website will have yellow. I’m thinking things that are pastel yellow (not bright or fluorescent) or mustard yellow - specks of them around and about (not filled the room though)

  • Doggy beds, dog toys / stuffed toys, cushions (yellow?), flowers (yellow + pink), succulents, plants (durable / fake).

  • Avoid stainless steel dog dishes/ bowls.

  • Props to makes things look homely and contemporary eg retro/industrial/rustic fan, baskets, lamps / industrial fairy lights (whetever that’s ‘in’ with Potts Point crowd).

Pinterest is a great resource for styling suggestions, eg my pin board of things for the home.

A // Left front room as you enter - day care + puppy school

  • Turn wooden benches around to hide chewed up corner or if you want to patch it up with paint (not too neatly; rustic is fine).
  • Style room with doggy beds, cushions, basket of toys, ie on the floor/ by the window on the wooden platform.
  • You may need to patch the paint / clean the scratches out in the far corner of the room (in picture with a square wooden chair). Scratch marks can appear in the image. There is a limit to how much I can photoshop.

B // Reception

  • Hide merchandise, big logo’s, labels, large products / plastic bags. Boxes are fine as they are neater (eg hide Hill Science merchandise).

  • Hide pricing.

  • Clear countertop except for dog treats in jars.

  • Have a vase of yellow flowers + maybe scented candle in jar at the counter for the shoot.

  • Something like a mirror or chalkboard near window display to hide switches & pipes.

C // Front window next to entrance

  • Hide A-frame.

  • We probably need to organise / style the window display a bit if you need a window shot.

D // Fitness (the other room)

if you need a shot of a dog walking on the treadmill, we’ll have to figure out a way to have the treadmill away from the dryer.

E // Spa

  • Move bath against the wall to hide pipes.

  • Place small dog on counter for bath/ towel dry shot.

  • Style shelves above counter with neatly folded towels - preferably same colour, eg yellow, white (I’d love to suggest black since it’s HPF colour but I think it’ll be too heavy for this shot).

F // Cattery

  • Clear shelf away to let more light into the room.

  • Patch up nettings and tighten anything that may appear to be ‘broken’.

  • Style with cat bedding, toys.

  • Remove anything with large plastic packaging / labels / logos.

How much is that doggie...