Honey. Boss lady. Rescued & adopted.

That pretty much sums it up but wait, there’s more. 14 years old - really? You can’t pick her age from her good looks!

Though Honey has 5 chairs (and counting) + a cute pillow from Sydney Film Festival at home to call her own, she also sleeps in bed with her hoomin at night and takes up ¾ of the space.  Her favourite hangout is in the courtyard where she gets to sunbathe, and watch the neighbours.  

Honey knows enough not to touch anything that doesn’t belong to her - the demarcation is the floor - anything on the floor, it’s hers. And can strike a conversation (in meow language) with her hoomins.  (Wish our boys were this smart. )

I can’t believe anyone would abandoned Honey. But I’m also  glad that she and her Mum have found each other. And if you ask Mum, she would say she’s lucky to have Honey in her life.

This video is about Honey & her people. Music "Planet Zero" by Jahzzar, via vimeo creative commons.