If you love bound books or are looking to produce that perfect piece to display at home, treat yourself to this. Flip through thick sumptuous velvet finish pages of beautiful portraits and smell the paper. Best still, this will be your very own story book featuring none other than your pet and you.

Museum quality, printed with the  "giclee" technique, this album uses archival inks and is fade-resistant. Pages lay flat and seamless when opened. Which means we can print your photograph across 2 pages uninterruped. 

Fine art albums offer a variety of custom designed page layouts; from a single image on one page or across two pages, to many on the page. 

Collect your story in this custom designed 10x10” album book, starts from 30 pages (15 spreads) beautifully printed and mounted on fine art paper. A 30 page album holds approximately 30 to 40 of your favourite photographs.

Free letter embossing on front cover. 

All twoguineapigs artwork is exclusive and comes with twoguineapigs logo on back cover as publication source and authentication of its originality.

Cover materials: Leather or cloth, a wide selections of colours (6 + 74, can you cope?)

All fine art albums come with a protective case.

Extra spread available upon request (additional cost applies).

Napoleon's Album (story)

Moe's Album (story)

Chester's Album

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Stella's Album

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The Ganz Gang's Album

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