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What are your rates? 

A custom commission photoshoot with me typically starts at $250 (hire fee only, 2 hours shoot, 2 locations). 

(Mini photoshoot at $120 is also available - limited to Potts Point location, 30 minutes shoot only. Prints not included. This suits close-up portraits) 

Sessions are pre-paid to ensure your booking. A signed model/property release and contract will apply.

Prints start from $80. 

I also shoot for commercial projects and events if you are after professional images for your website, blog, social media, catalogue.

I make a living through commissions.


What's a custom photoshoot? 

The beauty is no two sessions are the same - it’s a photoshoot tailored to suit you and your pet. Perhaps you want something different, something more experimental? Or to see new places? Or have an afternoon documented.

You’ll have me as your personal photographer for 2 hours, at up to 2 locations in Sydney, followed by professional editing, concept planning and design consultation, a selection of 25-30 best images for you to choose from so you get your story presented in custom photography art, signed and authenticated, at the end of the process, be it framed fine art prints or fine art albums - you’ll be proud to show and tell. 

My goal is to help you fulfill yours with beautiful images. The result I aim for from your photoshoot is producing finished, ready-to-display images. Think of my boutique service as a one-stop shop to get your custom artwork produced that feature your own pet.


Will you travel to locations other than 30km from Sydney CBD?

Yes, I can go anywhere. So long as my travel expenses are reimbursed.


What's your style?

Documentary. To describe it further: non-posed, candid, artistic and quirky. Imagine me as an observer on that day, recording you and your pet’s story visually - I do every now and then give some art direction. The aesthetic is hands-on and earthy - images are styled grained and slightly timeworn - very little gimmicks or Photoshop processing (ie not digital composite art; there's nothing wrong with that, just not done unless it's for a particular conceptual shoot)

Plus, a few naturally posed portraits to add to your collection of beautiful memories.  

If you are not familiar with my work, please head over to the portfolio on my website, musings on my blog and browse a couple of interviews I did with Lexy and Marta.  



Why pick twoguineapigs?

I chose to specialise in photographing pets and their people simply because I value pets. They aren’t with us for very long (except certain parrots and tortoises) but they give a lot. I am also intrigued by the bond and relationship pets form with their people; each is different, each has their own story to tell; each has their own personality and attitude. To me, the animals in our lives are like people we hold dear in our hearts - even though they do not speak our language, they somehow manage to show us unconditional love. They live amongst us, adapt our social conventions and adopt our ways. It’s the little details, simple everyday moments that count towards keeping the memories alive.

When it comes down to keeping memories of your pets in the form of photography, it is important that you like what I do, my style. Art is subjective; one person may like what they see and another person may not. So I encourage you to take some time to browse through my website and blog, and take advantage of the pre-booking consultation to discuss your photoshoot.

Pets are for life. And we love pets with attitude. Read also "about" and "reviews" pages if you haven't already.

How we work?

Contact me first with details (use my Contact Form as a guide) -> Book your photoshoot* -> Shoot with us -> Order your images to present in prints or fine art album -> Receive Prints/ Framed artwork/ Fine art album

* Prepay to confirm your photoshoot date (subject to my availability). As part of the concept planning consultation, I can discuss your photoshoot either over a coffee, the phone or Google Hangout - we will plan your location, how you would like your story told and presented.

What suits best, outdoor or indoor photoshoots, or both?

I care a lot about you and your pet’s safety. So if your pet gets anxious or nervous around other people and dogs in public places, then I would recommend an indoor photoshoot, ie we shoot at home. Indoor photoshoots also suit very young/small animals and most cats.

If you like nature, love trees, spend a lot of time with your pets visiting favourite corners of parks, and your pet is relaxed and calm in public places, then an outdoor photoshoot may be suitable.

Keep in mind also that some public places may require a Permit to shoot, eg Centennial Park $195, or may have restrictions on pets, eg most Sydney beaches.

For documenting your story, I would recommend you to consider an indoor photoshoot at home first, then another location near home.



What time of the day is best to book a session?

Indoor photoshoot : anytime so long as there is ample available light.

Outdoor photoshoot : usually dawn or dusk (1 to 2 hours before sunset).



How many pets can you include in a photoshoot?

I recommend up to 3 pets. Extras at $25/each. The more pets and people you include at the photoshoot, the less images you will get to select of each pet and person you included. Which goes without saying, more time will need to be put aside for the photoshoot.

Is there any breed you do not photograph? 

Yes, homosapiens who abuse animals - unless I am working on a photo essay.


What to wear for the photoshoot?

What you normally wear. Though I do encourage my clients to keep in mind that it is a big deal to commission your personal photographer to create long lasting images so probably dress up a little. For some ideas, head over to my Pinterest board.




How to prepare for the photoshoot?

A good night sleep, and walk your dog before the photoshoot. Grooming ahead of time may be necessary for pets that require it. Clear away/ tidy up clutter at home or anything you prefer not to be captured - especially small animal’s pen. I will send my clients notes ahead of the photoshoot.


What products do you offer that I can select my images to present them in?

I keep it simple: photographic or fine art prints (as is or framed), fine art album (30 pages: album design is part of my service).

If there is a particular product in the market that you would like but prefer not to go through the trouble and time to source, let me know.

I invested a lot in sourcing and testing products and evaluating the professional printing labs / album printers / professional framers I partner with. This is because I believe in only the best quality products for presenting your images so they last a very long time. There's something magical about prints.

I am super fussy about the paper your images are printed on, and the frames they go with.

It goes to say, $19 will never deliver you good quality framed photographic prints or wall art that last for decades. twoguineapigs clients normally invest $1500 - $2000 for their custom artwork.


Can I get printable digital files?

Yes, licenses for unlimited personal use to digital images are available for purchase. They start at $895 for 5.



What’s the turnaround time before I get to view my photoshoot and select them for print or fine art album compilation?

Usually within the week. For fine art albums, before I send them away for production, I will get you to review and approval design and spreads of the images you have selected.


What methods of payments do you accept?

Credit card via Paypal or direct transfer.