© 2016 JK Blackwell /  twoguineapigs

© 2016 JK Blackwell / twoguineapigs

Dodger, 1 year, 1 month and 5 days when I first met her in around mid-2016. Yes, a she. You can guess why the name - she is fast this one - filled with energy (she chases after dogs 5x over her size). During her spare time, she hangs with her cool parents at the Pub, Breweries or Cafes; depending on the mood of the time. She loves her food - and I think she even liked my home cooked organic chicken!

Slightly larger than your regular Boston Terrier, Dodger is one sweet pup. And she’s very good looking too - she was crowned Kings Cross of the Year 2015 and won herself a twoguineapigs photoshoot.

Not only does she understand commands, Dodger is currently mastering tricks - particularly “Bang Bang” - where she plays dead! She’s very good at Hi-Fives too.

Here’s our morning together exploring Elizabeth Bay-Potts Point - in Fine Art Album.

(you can check out Dodger’s slides here)