cat/s & flowers/floral series

{ to come up with a more appropriate title }

artist statement

Cat exploring floral. Work depicting the relationship between the feline species with beautiful items. Whether felines have the eye for beautiful things; if they appreciate the colours, smells. If they do, how do they express this appreciation. And what really defines beauty with the use of floral installations. The work explores what's beauty - whether it's all about youth, freshness, or is aged, death also considered beautiful.

Floral design featuring Antonia Georges, Ruby Slipper.

{ artist statement something about the design / installation - thinking more artsy, quirky, unusual, colourful or  dull }

{ vegetables, fruit, sticks, twigs, moss, ferns, big leaves/ flowers, clusters of tiny flowers, ‘dead’ florals, vines, things that grow out of place, or things that deliberately organised or clinically arranged, mix matched items that usually considered to clash }

{ hanging, roughly arranged in vase etc, spread on the floor }

plant eg (not design/ arrangements)

Cat & Yellow Floral Series

Cat & Floral Basket Series





length - 185cm max (-30cm for framing)

height - 240cm max (door frame)

pot with sad looking Begonia : 63cm circumference (to give context of space)

more light & vertical space - floral installation can go high if need be

those low drawers on the right will be moved away for the shoot

dining area

length - 225cm max (-110cm for framing)

height - 88cm max

limited in height

props from home

enamel jug from Ikea (height 22cm)

enamel coated bowl (vintage shop)

retro green vinyl chair

wooden vintage chair (bentwood)


meraki online magazine

bloom fashion - a horti-cultural view -
Edelkoort Editions, /

whim online magazine

ruby slipper online magazine (to find out how to create this in photoshop)

white magazine (looks more focused in bridal than design)- 

styling (online magazine southern highlands) -

soffa (online magazine - print too?) -