Launching Fine Art Press Magazine | Sydney Pet Photographer

I feel my job is complete when books or photographs are printed. Producing the images is only the beginning to a life time journey in preserving memories in tangible media. { publish a book | preserving memories | sydney pet photographer }

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Out take on film | Sydney pet photographer

For those who are connected with me on facebook/ twitter/ instagram, you would have come across my post on my last Christmas present - a Canon AE-1.

In between commissioned work and a variety of celebrations in the busy January-February months this year, I picked up film photography again.

These are some of my out-takes on Lucky SHD 100 black and white film. I am loving the film grain. I’ve always been a ‘slow and quiet’ shooter, by that I mean I normally photograph with intent or by intuition and never just click the shutter for the sake of it - so photographing with film is really attractive.

Other landscapes can be seen on my personal tumblr.