CatCam | PBS 2013 Film Festival

If you’re a cat lover with an out-and-about cat (day cat, and even night cat) you’ll love this short documentary about Mr Lee.

The CatCam was created around 2007 by Jürgen Perthold, who later set up a website displaying images taken of Mr Lee that led to the sale of the cam to some likely “artists” (including a dog and a cow).

I love that Jürgen has expanded this to other projects including a GPS tracking device ‘for the cat or spouse’ and a miniature TV camera to be worn on cat collars, delivering live images via wireless broadband.

Struck by the beauty of the images from Mr Lee’s CatCam, Seth Keal a filmmaker who produced Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, set out with fellow filmmaker Charles Miller to South Carolina on a 3 day shoot to document the story in 2010 - using a Canon EOS 5D. The film was released in March 2012.

I can relate to the filming process described by filmmakers Seth Keal and Charles Miller when working with animals. And I like that creatives collaborated to make this 60 minute film.

(if the video doesn’t embed, see it here on PBS)

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