Second chance for these hens | Sydney Animal Photographer


I made a quick stop-over at the NSW Hen Rescue HQ last Sunday to check out the new girls and see how Grace and Co are doing. If you have been following my posts, you would have seen Grace and her friend - nearly a month ago, still featherless in some parts of her body. But look at her now! It pains me to see the state of the new girls; the near featherless parts do not mean these girls have lost their cheekiness and spunk. It was quite an experience to watch them learn how to walk again - each wobbly step they took signifies a great new beginning. And we had a chicken run in this batch!

The new girls...

Checking out their new temporary home, a few were transported up to the sanctuary for their adoption.  

Grace & Co. 

3 weeks ago compared to now. It seems the girls are having fun lounging in the sun and just chicken about. 

3 weeks ago...

3 weeks ago...

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