Jolly Meow Meow

2017 came and went in a blink of an eye! Been a safe year where the Mr and I only ever got sick once. I think the Universe must have seen our prayers and granted us time to catch up. We are blessed to have a healthy life (reasonably, we do our best), work that is both challenging and fulfilling, dependents #Scallywags and the plant babies, well what more can we say - glad that they are still with us.

What I didn't get to do though is more documentary photography for self development (I'm not referring to #lifewithcats on my Instagram); I wish I had more time. And I wish I had more time to read more and knit more. Time - money cannot buy.

But, I am most grateful to my past and present clients - who commissioned me - who trusted and placed their faith in me and my work - who encouraged me to print big; 3x bigger than I could ever dreamt of.

And, for the continuous support from the Mr, family and friends (in Australia and abroad - you know who you are) who always stand by me, no matter how crazy some of my ideas are!

I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas, and one kick sss 2018. Here's to you from the #Scallywags.