More than honey

We recently saw a documentary “More than Honey” and it spooked us badly. I’ve never felt so bad being a 21st century human living on our planet. The documentary shows what beekeeping used to be compared to it’s mass produced capitalism version of today. Pesticides are used, bees are even transported in huge trucks across the US to provide pollination services to farm lands where bees are no longer surviving, bee colonies are manufactured as an export/ mail-to-order business. It’s no wonder bees are dying out worldwide. Though not all is lost; bee advocates are keeping bees (even in urban roof tops) the ethical way. I don’t know about you but after seeing the documentary, we decided never to purchase mass produced honey from big supermarkets.

If you are keen to look for ethically produced honey from small time beekeepers (and you’re in Sydney), check out the stock list on The Urban Beehive.