My Mum | Happy Mother's Day | Sydney Pet Photographer

When you get to a certain age, you think about your Mum a lot - a lot more than your younger days. When life gets busy with work, meeting up with friends, chores, getting married, settling into a new home, caring for the dependents (in my case, cats), there’s a lot going on in life that we often forget about our families.

My Mum single-handedly cared for me and my brother for 7 years when we were young. Dad had to work outstationed to provide us with a better future. My brother and I were able to take up arts & culture classes after school - so we did music lessons (where I learned to play the Piano & Cello), ballets, painting. And later on pursue University degrees overseas - a privilege that a lot of our friends didn’t have.

I was so totally not into food at that stage in my life I spent most of it at the dining table eating my lunch so slowly it lasted through to dinner! (Now I am a foodie - nothing can stop me eating - vegetarian that is).

Mum dedicated her younger days to us so we could have a better life.

People wonder where I come from - I’m Asian, and I speak with an accent (almost with an American twang some would say). Australia being so multicultural (though its battles with racism), I feel at home having lived here for 10 years, married to a Kiwi-turned Australian.

Growing up in Malaysia was a great experience. So here’s a little tribute to my Mum. (Dad took these :) )