Katara the Japanese Spitz | Pet portrait & family session | Sydney pet photographer

It's moments like this that got me at Hello!

It's moments like this that got me at Hello!

Katara’s a Japanese Spits. She’s a very ‘switched on’ dog that gets in with the groove with everyone. She reminded me of my first dog as a child (an adopted family dog) - only Katara is very much a people-dog,. When you hang out with this family, Katara is very much a part of the famlly - a little sister to Josh (who by the way is a Junior Black Belt), and Mum Deb and Dad’s girl.

When I put out a call for entries to win a pet portrait session with me early this year, several folks submitted - all good stories but this one of Katara captured my imagination.

What was planned as a dawn photo shoot quickly turned into a late afternoon-twilight session.

Autumn greeted us with rain. Deb and I were in communication via text & Instagram that morning before dawn about the weather. I usually take my cue from the pooch - Katara had gone out into the backyard but had not been impressed. We initially rescheduled to the following weekend but given that everyone was all set to go we hooked up anyway that very afternoon.

Thank you for sharing a beautiful late afternoon out and late in the evening chilling at home. Next time, we shoot in the storm!