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Dr Miriam Meek & Claire Jenkins

Dr Miriam Meek & Claire Jenkins

I first met the masterminds behind Potts Point Veterinary Hospital (PPVH ) in August 2013 - Dr Miriam Meek (Vet) & Claire Jenkins (Vet Nurse & Managing Director). Back then, postcode 2011 resident pets (and surroundings) had to travel to Double Bay, Paddington, Wollahra or Crows Nest to see a vet. The arrival of a local vet in the heart of Potts Point/ Kings Cross is one that the residents welcome.

In September 2013, I was commissioned by the girls to document the transformation of a 3-year vacant Kings Cross nightclub into their truly amazing hospital and create custom images for their website. Finding the site had been a challenge in a location where pubs and alcohol seem to get all the favour.

I knew this would be a special project. The girls shared their lives, passion and journey with me every step of the way. They were an absolute delight to work with. And, I’m most proud of what they have achieved.

I can tell you a lot of hard work, tears, sleepless nights and sweat  went into creating this practice.

On 22 February 2014, the PPVH had its Open Day where locals and visitors were welcome to drop in and look behind-the-scenes. On 26 Feburary, they are officially opened for business.

I wish you, Mim & Claire, all the very best. I know we’ll be seeing each other pretty often!

Below are the final selection of images that will be on Potts Point Veterinay Hospital’s website. I’ve also included at the end of the posts, slideshow that shots the full documentary.

Credits - in order of appearence:

  • Vet (real) - Dr Miriam Meek
  • Vet Nurse - Claire Jenkins
  • Dog Model (cardiology) - Tassie the Australian Terrier (also a Client of PPVH)
  • Dog Model (allergy & dermatology) - Jose the Brussels Griffon
  • Guinea pig Model (exotic pet) - Gertrude / Ms G / Gertie the guinea pig
  • Dog Model (dental care) - Lady the Lakeland Terrier
  • Dog Model (dog behavior & training) - Tassie the Australian Terrier (also a Client of PPVH)
  • Dog Model (ultrasonography & nutrition) - Dalston the Havanese
  • Dog Model (pain management & dog ward) - Sophia the Italian Greyhound
  • Dog Model (grooming) - Bento the Mini Schnauzer
  • Cat Model (cat boarding) - Cheezel
  • Cat Model (wellness care) - PF
  • Dog Model (end of life) - Jesse the Jack Russell (RIP, framed photo by Claire Jenkins)

To find out more about PPVH and what they can help you with - head over to their brand new website!