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Introducing Miss Weapon Drag Pussy

PF in his Mardi Gras costume "Miss Weapon Drag Pussy".

PF in his Mardi Gras costume "Miss Weapon Drag Pussy".

We are celebrating Mardi Gras!

twoguineapigs has been invited along to Fair Day 2014 to exhibit some artwork at Potts Point Veterinary Hospital's (PPVH) stall this Sunday, and to document some behind-the-scenes. Dr Miriam Meek is the Resident Vet of the day, tending to Doggywood Pageant entrants and giving talks throughout the day.

PF got excited about the pageant and got his costumes ready and practised a few Pageant poses - his version of "Miss Weapon Drag Pussy" (we nicknamed PF "Weapon of Mass Destruction" due to his destructive mode especially on full moons) - I had to break his heart and tell him that no cats are allowed at the Doggywood Pageant. 

Come down to the Fair Day this Sunday, meet the wonderful Vet Dr Miriam and Vet Nurse Claire at PPVH and join in on the fun - there are great prizes to be won at the PPVH

Date: 9 Feb 2014
Time: 10am - 7.30pm
Location: Victoria Park, Camperdown

fair day website

PPVH will be opening up in Potts Point this February, 22. Keep your eyes peeled on this page for updates.

Photographer's note: no paper pom poms and straws were harmed in the making of PF's Miss Weapon Drag Pussy series.