Happy Valentine's Day | Sydney Pet Photographer

 Hey Sexy, will you be my Valentine?

Hey Sexy, will you be my Valentine?

Whenever there's something to celebrate, PF one of our 2 black cats, will put on a show. It appears he has found his career. Stage performer, actor, drag queen, supermodel you name it.

14 Feb is when you get to be fabulous to someone else  - and if there is no one else right now don't fret - you are still fabulous! PF - the ultimate cat posing on this special occasion is single - a cat bachelor all the way - but that hasn't stopped him at all! 

So if you are reading this, Happy Valentine's Day peeps - from PF with love. xo

If you are still fretting over what to get for a special someone, gift a custom pet portrait session - order now and we'll email an e-gift card.