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 Doggywood, Fair Day 2014

Doggywood, Fair Day 2014

It was 29°C yesterday in Sydney but it felt like a 40 - and there were plenty of shirtless bodies around to prove it! Yes I was down at The Mardi Gras Fair Day 2014 in Victoria Park exhibiting some artwork at the Potts Point Vet Hospital (PPVH) stall - they were official vets to the event and also introducing themselves to the community.

Sophia the Italian Greyhound was given the role as princess of the day (a tough role in this crowd believe me!) where she sat on her basket throne greeting visitors. Someone who guessed her weight right could win a ‘pussy or puppy’ hamper from PPVH (plus a pet portrait session with twoguineapigs, sponsored by me!)

There was also “Doggywood”, a show featuring a dog costume competition (well, costumes are generally important at the fair)  and TV celebrity “Farmer Dave” hosting a ‘musical sit’ segment where he stressed the importance of puppy preschool (what a guy!).

It was all in all a very fun day. I wish there had been more trees or shade - I felt a bit sorry for the pooches but there were plenty of water hoses and a make-shift pool to keep our furry friends refreshed (I resisted taking a dip myself).