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Moe the Poodle in twoguineapigs Fine Art Album

Moe the Poodle in twoguineapigs Fine Art Album

This year, I plan to allocate time to document and shoot more products available through me - something I wish I had done more of last year.

By products I mean tangible formats your images will be published, printed, framed in - ready for presentation.  

Often, the misconception is that portrait sessions stop at when images are made available for selection or print ordering - but the work only really comes alive (I believe) when it is made tangible.

Our world is tangible. You are tangible. Your hands are your most intimate contact with the world - which is why albums and framed artworks give photos such a precious quality.

Phenomenology teaches us that experience is saturated with object-like elements that capture the intangible and give it power - for instance the way a framed photo captures light and gives it form. I tweeted this idea earlier this year.

And I strongly believe we have a social responsibility to print and keep our images for the future generations.

Below an iPhone snap of twoguineapigs artwork featuring Pom Pom the French Bulldog.