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Pom Pom, French Bulldog © twoguineapigs.com.au

Pom Pom, French Bulldog © twoguineapigs.com.au

If a face can tell a story, I reckon this face tells the one about a galaxy far far away. It belongs to two year old French Bulldog Pom Pom, who in his show dog days was known by the even better name of “Lightning McQueen”. Maybe more Flash Gordon than Star Wars, either way there is a touch of the sci fi about this guy.

And yes - I say “guy”, because when proud owners Deb and Kurt first contacted me for Pom’s portrait and family session at dawn before Christmas 2013, I mistakenly referred to him as a “she” - oops, my first (but luckily only) faux pas with a VIP pooch.

Anyway its all fine because Poms is unusually cool and calm for a Frenchie - one who doesn’t get fazed by what’s going on - an introvert (and a Thinker) I would think and yet he’s sensitive to those around him, often stealing glances at you to make sure you are ok. Not surprisingly he has lots friends across a range of species.

In keeping with his elite status Poms at home rings a bell whenever he needs to go use the restroom. I think he expects a butler to appear but as far as I know that hasn’t happened yet. Being multi-lingual, when he hears the command ‘makam’ (which is a Malay word for ‘eat’) he knows it’s chow time.

Did I mention the back yard elevated drinking dish and feeding area for Pom Pom and quite a number of beds around the house - even under the house for coolness in the hot Summer days?

If there’s an award for best fur kid parents, I would give it to Deb & Kurt.

Pom Pom deserves all good things though - once you meet him you are sold on him. He’s one pooch I will never forget having known. It was a pleasure of sharing one dawn morning with him and his Mum & Dad by the beach - a full personality in a small and sturdy package.

Music "One Fine Day" by Jason Shaw
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Pom Pom & his twoguineapigs  artwork  // © twoguineapigs.com.au

Pom Pom & his twoguineapigs artwork // © twoguineapigs.com.au