Dogs at weddings and such | Sydney Pet Photographer

So I was out last Thursday afternoon and chanced upon a photo shoot in my neighbourhood that involved a dachshund.

A tripod was set up to shoot. I worked out quickly that it involved the dachshund walking from one end of the street the other.

The owner of this cute dacshie kept assuring one of the film crew that it was very friendly, while the dacshie barked at the film crew. A crew member took hold of the dacshie by the collar while the owner walked to the other end of the street so he could get the daschie to go to him - all this while the daschie was still barking furiously at the film crew.

I could tell what was going to happen next and thought of capturing it on film but thought I would spare them the embarrassment - plus it happened so fast. The daschie flipped and nearly bit the crew member.

I’ve been bitten once during a dog shoot, even though I have had seven years experience working with animals.

So before you think of doing a photo shoot involving dogs - make sure you know what you are doing! It’s one thing to photograph your own dog; it’s another to photographer a stranger’s’. Dogs are not props; as they are being treated in the recent craze over pets at weddings. They have teeth and they will bite in the wrong situation.