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One of the personal projects I have started since March this year is to photograph my pet at home - call it a mini-series. If you have read my ‘About’ page, I started with this quote:

“It is the commonest form of self-deception to assume something to be familiar, and to let it pass on that very account.” ~ G W F Hegel, 1807

We are all guilty of it, of thinking and assuming that the home - being something so familiar to us, is not worth documenting.  I have documented the guinea pigs (hence twoguineapigs, get it?) throughout their lives at great length (featured in my old blog). But when the cats first came into our lives at 10 weeks old in 2009, for some unknown reason, I never thought of documenting the kitten stages of their lives. See, it was then only that I started thinking about being a professional pet photographer.

So when Stephen and I look back on images and videos we have of the cats when they were kittens, I must admit I was ashamed to find we had very little. These scarce images were the ones that helped us remember our lives back then - the laughter, the giggles, the troubles, the worries these kittens brought us. We thought PF, the youngest of the two, wouldn’t even survive the night when we first found them abandoned by Yinnell Reserve on Pittwater Road. Who would be so cruel! Now we always tell the cats jokingly: you were barely the size of an adult guinea pig, look at you two now, big fat scallywags! (on their weight, that’s another topic)

We will soon be moving to a bigger inner city flat in our favourite neighbourhood Potts Point. And I thought the challenge of photographing the familiar in our tiny shoebox flat of not more than 30 sqm would be a good one.

So here’s PF, he likes to sit on books (magazines actually). 

For those of you who avidly document your own pet at home be it on your own or by commissioning a professional animal photographer, I salut you! Do share with us your projects.

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