A morning with Antonia Georges | Sydney Portrait Photographer

Antonia Georges, floral designer, starts a winter Monday at 4am - the wet and freezing world you associate with fishing vessels and interstate bus journeys. She drives through near empty city roads to the Sydney Markets for flowers. Most florists pre-order wholesale flowers by the box, but Antonia prefers to hand-pick blooms by the bunch, selecting for freshness, colour and tone - like a painter organising her pallette. There’s art and skill in knowing what to pick, where it goes and what matches - akin to the language of photography I know so well dealing in image, composition and style.

Her business, Ruby Slipper, based in the heart of Paddington, is closed Mondays. After gathering flowers at the Sydney Markets, she returns to her fairy tale workshop to create sensitive and dreamlike arrangements for swank CBD lobbies. She leaves behind petals, stalks, clippers. By 8 am her deliveries are done. She returns home to sleep.

Ruby Slipper (http://www.rubyslipper.net.au/)
264 Glenmore Road
Paddington, NSW 2021
Ph: 02 8668 5172

This photo essay is part of my 'Wee Morning Hours in Sydney' portrait documentary. If you have a story to tell - flick me an email via my contact page, let's talk.

Updated, 21 May2014 : Antonia's story has been subsequent featured on White Magazine's blog, Officeiondo by Chatterbuild, and news.com.au.