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Took me awhile get to this personal post.

We first met Monkey in 2011 in Karori, Wellington New Zealand. At that time, she had no collar on so we nicknamed her ‘Tiger’. Her owner Ange and Jen contacted us after they saw images of her on our Blog - that’s when when ‘Tiger’ turned out to be ‘Monkey’ (from ‘Cinnamon-Rose’), who lives with her sister Pikku.

Here’s an excerpt from Ange and Jen to me about Monkey - in our bid to piece together the secret life of Monkey:

She has continued her love affair with all people walking in the cemetery with the exception of those attached to a dog.
She has taken to inviting herself into numerous homes along the street and we had quite the conversation with the people at the far end of the street on Friday night– it’s one of her ‘other 2nd homes’ and the little boy loves her.
She was bitten on the bottom a few months ago and the square shaved patch has been slowly growing back over time – this blemish doesn’t stop her as she still thinks she’s the most glamorous pussy in northern Karori!
She has been working for the cemetery caretakers seriously lowering the bunny population this spring, and frankly, I’m getting tired of rescuing little bunnies as they are carted home as little pussy-playthings.

Last Christmas we once again caught up with Monkey. Usually, Monkey hangs out at the Karori Cemetery but I guess we got lucky that day to have her visited us.

Here’s an afternoon spent with her and to the beginning of an interesting relationship - hope you enjoy these shots as much as we did spending that afternoon with Monkey.  Drop me a comment in this post (you can either login with Facebook / Twitter to post)  - let me know what you think of Monkey and share your pet’s story if you have one; or share this post with your friends.

Name: Monkey
Breed: Ocicat
Age: 3 yo (we guessed)
Temperament: outgoing, confident, friendly, sociable, one with spirit of a dog in a cat’s body
Facebook (yes, Monkey has her own facebook page): Monkey the Karori Cemetery Cat

Music: "Givers" by Lucky Dragons (, Creative Commons

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 (The first time we met Monkey, if you're interested)