Autumn in Sydney

In my job I love meeting new friends (humans and pets) and documenting their stories (in case you didn’t already know!). I love my work shooting (funny how we use that word) my clients in their homes, neighbourhood, or that special place they always hang out with their pets.

I love an adventure.

And speaking of love - I love Autumn! It’s cooler (some say cold but a scarf and some warm clothes should fix that) but the light is so beautiful, crisp and clear. Best still, if you shoot with me in this season the shoots don’t burn you to a crisp, as in Summer (sorry guys!) AND you get to sleep in a little if you are meeting me for a sunrise session. Definite bonus.

The following are shots taken in locations 20km from Sydney CBD either during sessions or location scouting at both sunrise and sunset.

I couldn’t resist one obligatory Autumn shot of PF and Stephen at Sunset in an urban-scape with Autumn leaves as background.

If you want to shoot with me and take advantage of this Autumn/ Winter light, head over to the Contact Form on my website - limited spots.

June: Sunrise 6.51 - 7.01am // Sunset 4.54 - 4.57pm
July: Sunrise 7.01 - 6:49am // Sunset 4.57 - 5.15pm