A Different Perspective - Shaun Lee

When I was producing my new website one of the things I wanted to do in my new blog was to feature animal photography by photographers who do not shoot *only*/*mainly* animals/ pets.

So I asked Shaun Lee, a wedding photographer in Melbourne, to shoot the theme “creatures/animals” using only one camera body and lens.

The idea was to explore a different perspective by a photographer for whom animals aren’t the normal subject and see how they approached the theme. Using only one body and lens adds to the challenge!

Here’s what Shaun came up with.


iPhone 5 (Equiv. 33mm f/2.4)


Cocoa is a 2 year old Whippet/Jack Russell Cross

Artist Statement:

I approached the brief in the same way I do my weddings, by being a spectator and letting the shoot unfold itself while I document with my camera. I believe that the single most important thing in our lives is the connections we make with the people around us, pets included. With my portraiture I want to capture that familiar, individual, soulful connection and looking back at these images, I hopefully have captured someone who looking in their eyes, is gentle, soft, patient and loyal.