Made a short trip to Melbourne late in February for a photoshoot, hung out with a group of photographers (Oli, Shaun & Tamar) and met my friend scatterpig and baby Kiki.

I used to live in Melbourne while I attended Monash University. But that was 10 years ago. With nearly 1.5 days of free time, I spent it on sleeping in, playing with ambient light at night from my lodging, hitting the streets of Melbourne, hanging out  considerably at the State Library of Victoria (where I learned about the culinary history of Victoria at the Gusto! Exhibition), and eating.

Here are the highlights of my trip - mostly taken with iPhone 4 - when I went exploring; I tend to keep my mind off pet related stuff to broaden my perspective - as you can see, I am fascinated with architecture. This city brings back memories.

(more can be seen on my tumblr)