New website. New Blog. | Sydney pet photographer


There’s so much more I want to share. When I look at my work 3 months (or more) ago and compare it now, I see change. I feel growth. and I hope you see it too.

On this new website I intend to present my work the way I want  - to showcase a series of images where you can take away with you either 1 frame or many.  To have it grow along with my business - and my vision.

My blog is no longer tied to Google+. I discovered a few months ago that images posted on Blogger are replicated on Google+. There seems to be no way to manage them separately.

Time is valuable to me - I don’t have enough of it to clean up the Blogger-Google+ ‘mess’ or chase up changes implemented by multiple social sites. Guess that is what you get when you use a free service.

My new website isn’t free. I paid for it happily. I spent time producing it. It’s worth it. Having said that, I’m thankful for those free sites - I’ve had the opportunity to learn and experience what’s good and what’s not suitable for me and my business. Thank you Blogger.

Now - the fun part for you, my readers.

To celebrate, I would like to give a $50 iTunes Gift Card to the one reader who:

  • If you are a twitter person - follows me on twitter and tweets: “@twoguineapigs’s iTunes Gift Card Giveaway“, and/or
  • If you are a facebook person - shares this post on facebook (and, if you haven't already - “likes” the twoguineapigs facebook page), and/or
  • If you are a google+  person - shares this post on google+ (and, if you haven't already - “likes” the twoguineapigs google+ page), AND
  • leaves a comment on this post, telling me how you shared.

Giveaway ends 22 February 2013, Sydney time.

I’ll put your names on pieces of paper - I’ll draw one from a hat and film it. You can see the winner on this blog on 24 February 2013. The more you share, the more pieces of paper will have your name on it!

Think of me when you listen to your favourite music on iTunes.

Easy, right?