2013 | Sydney Pet Photographer


2013 has been quite a year  - its been for me a journey as an artist / photographer keeping my passion and business alive despite so much time spent administering twoguineapigs’ affairs and worrying financially.

I was commissioned for commercial projects; collaborated in a style shoot “Bride & Dog” (published on White Mag’s blog) and in a group project called “Shh”; shot and published docos in White Mag and in Officeionado; published in SHOTS Magazine and four&sons; freelanced at weddings; saw through my 365 Instagram project (1 more post! #twoguineapigs365 @twoguineapigs); shot for AWDRI’s 2014 Calendar cover and again for the NSW Hen Rescue’s Christmas cards; developed and launched my new website with squarespace; commenced a couple of personal projects (which it is not the time to share yet); and moved to our new place less than 2 months before Christmas.


Times have been tough and it has been tempting to call it quits and get ‘a real job’.  When I look back at what I have learned this year, at my clients who believed in and supported me this far, at peers and friends who stuck with me in my journey, new friends I had the privilege to know, my awesome vendors who stood by me, the boys and husband at home who have tolerated many late dinner nights (or no dinner at all for some nights), ‘missing in action’ for an entire day and sometimes up to several to meet project deadline, and intense crankiness - I’m grateful that I even have this opportunity to do what I love most. And I realise it would be very difficult without the support I get at home (best Mr ever!) and without the support from all the above. Mostly, thank you to all pooches, kitties and peeps who chose me to document a moment in their life.

I have come to admit that photography is my life, my soul.   

So here’s to 2013.  I hope 2014 will be a better year where I don’t have to struggle financially as much and be able to produce the work I have envisaged.

And I wish you all a spectacular 2014!                                                                                                                                            

With this post comes a mix of commissioned, group submission and personal work compiled to finish up 2013 (plus a couple of projects I have not yet blogged but you get a sneak here).

Hope you like my picks.