AWDRI Calendar 2014 Cover Image | Sydney Pet Photographer

Di and Carey from The Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc (AWDRI)  asked me to shoot the cover image for their 2014 Calendar. The shoot took place in Calmsley Hill City Farm where animals roam free. In between the making of the cover, I made a Warhol-Moffatt inspired series as well as the cover image, a sorta Matrix catwalk on a farm (I was impressed the sheep stepped aside and watched us work - they must have gotten the Memo from Tara the Farm Manager!). See video at the end of this post.

The crew was amazing; they did everything I asked -  even amongst sheep poo in the paddock (I did tell you animals get to roam free here).

Here were the versions - the barn version was selected as the cover image, 

So the AWDRI 2014 Calendar can be purchased on their website.

All proceeds to AWDRI for the rescue, training, caring, transport, rehoming of abandoned working dogs all over Australia.

Fun stuff - matrix catwalk on farm

Music  "Favourite Secrets" by Waylon Thornton licensed through Creative Commons.


Model credits - these are real people and AWDRI pooches!

Di & Carey Edwards, AWDRI Directors
Dog: Nimble Edwards - Rescue Ambassadog (Private surrender)
Dog: Pudding Edwards - AWDRI Mascot

Tara Gunter - Calmsley Hill City Farm Farm Manager
Dog: Flash - AWDRI rescue of Better Homes & Gardens fame. Born to a pregnant private surrender.

Otis’ Mum - AWDRI NSW Volunteer Coordinator & Adopter
Dog: Otis  - AWDRI Rescue from Renbury Farm

BrielleTim & Ben Moloney - AWDRI Foster Carers & Adopters
Dog: Milo Moloney - AWDRI Rescue from Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter

Georgia Lever - AWDRI Foster Carer 
Dog: SteveO - Private Surrender

Toneya Lever - AWDRI Foster Carer
Dog: Ness - Co-Op with AWL NSW - inspector's seizure

Finally, special thanks to Donna Reed (AWDRI Volunteer, Mum to Georgia & Toneya), who stood by and assisted me throughout the photo shoot.