Happy Halloween | Sydney Pet Photographer


 Halloween isn’t big in Australia. It is hard to be excited about it firstly because we are in the wrong season (end of Spring); American pumpkins are imported during this time and they are very expensive ($11/kg(?) on average at the going rate, and we are probably too lazy or hot to be bothered carving jack-o’-lanterns); there aren’t any Autumn leaves to go with jack-o’-lanterns; it’s too hot to wear costumes, wigs or thick make-ups of any kind; too risky to host any bonfire parties (hello, it’s bush fire season?); Aussies probably prefer to chill at a ‘barbe’ with a bottle of cold beer (need I say again that it’s end of Spring and it’s very hot here in Australia - most parts anyway); and it’s not a holiday! Have I missed anything else? Well, that’s my theory anyway.

This year, I decided to do something at home.  I’m not religious or anything but am very much drawn to witches and mythical beings - that sort of thing. Better still, I get to play with two black cats - now that they are 4 years and a bit older, more matured I should hope, not to be terrified by Halloween decorations and such. Enter the unsuspecting chair I rescued from the streets.

I didn’t get very far. ‘Smallish’ pumpkins are hard to come by in Sydney and I’m not prepared to ‘ship one from overseas’ or carve up a jack-o’-lantern (or “plunge a knife into it” as my good friend Jono told me to). I thought some Halloween decorations would be fun only to have the boys play with the decorations and eat up some of it. Plus, I couldn’t be bothered to clean away the cobwebs that covered my Witch’s hat - by the way, I happen to like those disco sort.

But, I think the boys did enjoy dressing up for a change. And got their Halloween portraits done. Guess who look the part most.

Until next year. Happy Halloween. Trick or treat (Claws or Fish as the boys would say).

ps: Our Halloween celebration started a week earlier by watching horror films through - “The Purge” is a pretty good one. No black birds were harm during the making of the boys’ Halloween portraits.

pps: by the way, there are still spots left if you are thinking of getting your pet / family portrait done for this Christmas (Best book and complete your session by 30 November ‘13 - don’t leave it too late!). Gift cards are available for purchase.

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