“Sun Goddess” as she’s also known as, Bambi, an Italian Greyhound (“iggy”), got up bright and early to catch the morning Autumn light in Bondi. I joined Bambi and her people on her daily walk from Bondi to Bronte that morning.

Though tiny, Bambi can cover quite a long distance. Often making up the big steps of stairs on her own and going up to great small to medium sized dogs but mostly, people and dogs all come up to Bambi - I reckon it’s because of her good looks. And that cute pink puffy jumper I can’t get enough of.

We thought we would meet Bambi’s besties Audrey and Rogelio (who are also iggies) to play “zoomies” but we reckon it was too cold for them to hit the Park.

We spent the morning soaking in the Autumn morning sun and sea breeze before heading home for some R&R.

Nearly 3 years old - can you tell? Bambi is already being prepared for her therapy pet course. Once she turns 3, she’ll enroll and work her way towards being a certified therapy pet.

Music “Fish Bowl” by Scott Holmes, Creative Commons licensed via FMA.

Images by © twoguineapigs.com.au, all rights reserved.